The Experts Don't Know Your Life

Recently I have been trying to elevate my decision making. I want to be able to decipher between what feels good and what is my true instinct? Sometimes I want something to be true so badly that I believe it. Then I get myself into a bit of trouble. What I’ve observed is that there is a speedy feeling that accompanies the things I wish to be true. I’m always super organized and prompt but this hurried feeling is nervous, a bit manic and also has an immature kind of high quality to it.

But I don’t think the signs are the same for everyone. When I surveyed people on my instastories one person wrote: “When I can reflect lots, consider other views and still come back to it. Then it is true.” Another person wrote: “when something is true I can get doubts in my head, but my body feels good. When I want it to be true my body feels sick or sinking but my head is full of reassuring comments.” I believe that although all of us connect differently with our instincts, we all also still do have a voice inside that knows the path that will bring us greater fulfillment and ease. The problem is that most of us were never taught to listen to it.

We listen to experts, to famous people, to the internet, to friends but the truth is that no one else is you. No matter how much you admire someone, what worked for them will not always work for you because you are a different person, with a different life story. Even the things that have worked for you in the past in all likelihood will eventually stop working too. The practice is being present and learning to listen to what your inner knowing tells you. And it really does take a lot of trial and error and careful observation to learn, but if you have the patience and desire I believe that you can do it!

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