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oin our Militia of Light Workers!

We are not just teaching you how to teach our techniques, that is what makes The Empowered Yogis’s 300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training different from any other YTT. Of course we will share all our most sophisticated and effective teaching methodologies with you, but more importantly we will create an environment where your unique style and voice emerges. Together and through lots of fun poses we will gain clarity on the following:

Why were you called to teach?

What do you have to say to the world?

How are you going to deliver the message?

My partner @christinagagnier_embodiednomad and I will give you everything we can to support your journey. In addition to studying alignment, sequencing and philosophy a major goal is to help yoga teachers, people doing great work in the world, become better business people. I never took a business course and my success is not something business professionals understand because it is so unconventional. I never played any of the games. Strictly by self study, passion and cultivating healthy relationships I was able to build my brand and am able to touch more and more lives. We want to help you create your dream career, whatever that may look like, through in depth study of your dharma and interests. It's also an amazing course because we get to learn how to better support each other in both our similarities and differences!

Join us and become real powerhouse! -where everything you do and say is saturated with significance!

Click the link in my bio to learn more about this training @ohanayogabarre and my other upcoming events.

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