I reached 100k followers yesterday! Honestly, I started a little late in the game and I had no idea what I was doing at first, but my IG page has now come to be one of my greatest modalities of self-expression and I am so grateful for all of you who are on this journey with me.

Thank you! I will continue to do my very best to evolve and make my offerings as thoughtful and relevant as possible.

I want to share with you a quote from my upcoming speech at @glowfestivalsg :

“I see Instagram as my channel to put what I would like out into the world. If any of you have a small business but struggle with social media because you are uncomfortable with self-promotion, I encourage you to change the way you view it. Your channel is your opportunity to say to the world whatever you want the world to hear. So the real question isn’t how do I sell myself? It’s: what do I have to say to the world? Create from that headspace. Although it may be challenging at first, stick with it and you will find your voice.

I give love though my social media and I never worry that I will run out of inspiration. My own mother questioned my giving away all this free advice. But I know that the wealth of knowledge that I have to offer will never tap out. I am a seeking sprit and as I continue to learn I continue to have more to share. That awareness gives me the confidence to give it away.”

I also want to give a special thank you to my team: @apriltera @yogilyons , the best instahubby ever: @shavasanadaily and my Teacher Training partner @christinagagnier_embodiednomad whose idea it was for me to start offering these lessons on my channel in the first place. Thank you all for believing in me.

Thank you everyone for reading my many many words, listening to my lessons, watching my flows, commenting on my posts and liking my photos. I look forward to the next 100k with you!

#yogainspiration #nailit #yogagirl #yogaeverydamnday #ig #igyogi #100k #fun #fly #play #crow #bakasana #beachyoga #boatyoga

Photo by my late friend @jimk1 thank you for making such beautiful photos of all us yoga girls❤️

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