Dealing with Profound Sadness

I was sad on Tuesday. Really sad. So I gave myself some time to cry and be totally useless. I share this because Instagram, especially in the yoga community, is filled with images that make you feel like there is something wrong with you if you feel anything other than perfect all the time.

Often when I feel sad I redirect my focus on my blessings, get busy and muscle myself into feeling better. But on Tuesday I just couldn’t. My feelings were stronger than my thoughts and so I surrendered. My body wanted to express something that I couldn’t rationalize away and I had to respect its needs.

What we resist exercises persistent pressure on our unconscious that is toxic. It is the reason why many people have bad habits that are misaligned with their goals. I also believe suppressed emotions express themselves in the form of disease, DIS-EASE. So while it is important to put our feelings aside and show up for work or for our loved ones, it is also important to make time to vent pain.

The human condition is confusing. It is devastatingly beautiful and tragic. Every moment people fall in love and people suffer. People inflict pain and people build each other up. People die, animals die, forests perish and still babies of all species are born and greenery is planted.

The world gives us so many reasons to smile.

I cherish those reasons every moment of everyday.

I also wish all living beings lived together peacefully.

I wish we all had pure heats and actions

And I wish all our dreams could come true.

But we aren't there yet and so

I feel sad sometimes.

And then I feel happy again.

After the purge I feel hopeful and grateful again.

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