Berkeley Yoga Festival

I approached Alyssa, the owner @ohanayogabarre about hosting a class for @yogagivesback on June 21 to help raise money to support women and children in India on International Yoga Day. She responded with: ‘Let’s have a yoga festival to rally the community together and raise even more money!’ Um F-Yeah!! Just like that the Berkeley Yoga Festival was born.

Alyssa is a badass. Full stop. Everything she does comes from the depts of her loving and brave heart. I feel honored to be teaching the headline class: High Flying Flow at 5pm. Following this we have a fun, interactive mini-event benefitting Yoga Gives Back called "Helping Handstands" where we will encourage all festival attendees to get upside down for a good cause. One by one in succession, 500+ yogis will kick up to handstand, creating a massive wave that will weave from mat to mat throughout the yoga area. The longer the wave, the bigger the donation to YGB. Whether it's a tiny hop or a long hold, every second counts in this collective offering of "inversion" energy to the motherland where it all began.

Please join us for this and two other inspiring yoga classes, a live sound immersion experience, food, drinks, music, local vendors, family activities and more! June 21, 2019 together we shine!

Click the link in my bio to find ticketing information and go to @berkeleyyogafest for more info. @soundoffcolorado @explore_tennyson #berkeleyyogafest #togetherweshine #yogafestival #exploretennyson #yoga #yogaworkshop #handstand #handstand #strong #strength #yogateacher #teachertrainer #community 📸 @saraford

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