Innovative Yoga Teaching

I put away my text books about 7 years ago. When I’m on the road teaching I don’t just pop into new locations for a weekend, say what I have to say and move on. Instead I observe, listen and learn from the different students and teachers that I get to meet in my classes.

I collect data!

All over the world yogis have differing views on postural mechanics and spiritual teachings and I feel it is my responsibility to learn from them rather than propagate what I’ve been taught. I ask questions and with my students help, I create new postures and transitions to accommodate needs and desires. I am invited back to the same communities over and over again and over time I’ve had the opportunity to learn about how and why different people in different parts of the world view the yoga practice differently.

There is no “right way” to do any pose. There is only what makes the most sense with the individual’s body in context of their goals. With 5 years of Traditional Chinese Medical School, 17 years of daily yoga training and 6 years of international teaching experience behind me, I have consistently observed that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT and EVERY GROUP IS DIFFERENT. Being present is letting go of what I think I know and really listening. Together with each group or student I meet, we co-create yoga.

This work requires a lot of energy, the constant surrendering of all that I know for what can be discovered requires alertness and focus. But it also extremely energizing. I am never bored. For those of you who have been teaching for a while and are feeling stagnate I encourage you to strap on the beginner’s mind again. PLUG IN. Let each class teach you something you don’t know.




In the Empowered Yogis 300Hr Yoga Teacher Training we aim to teach our teachers to think. To be present with their students. It’s not about teaching the sequence or alignment cues correctly. It’s about cultivating a strong enough knowledge base to confidently surrender everything you think you know in service to what is best for the students in your classroom.

Please Join me May 11 1-3pm@Ohanayogaandbarre for a free Teaser Workshop on Alignment for our Upcoming 300hr YTT that starts in August. This training is my proudest work yet! And I am thrilled to share and learn with you all.

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