Your Dharma is Your Brand

Many yoga teachers struggle with social media because they are uncomfortable with self-promotion. This workshop offers a shift in perspective; Your channel is your opportunity to say to the world whatever you want the world to hear. So the real question isn’t how do I sell myself? It’s: what do I have to say to the world? In this 90 minute class you will gain clarity on your mission as a teacher and learn how to produce engaging content that originates from a creative space of self expression. Through Social Media we have the opportunity to touch more lives from a distance than ever before and it is incredible! So why not grow your tribe? The caution I have for teachers looking to build their brand on social media is not to lose yourself in an effort to be more likeable. Even if you create a popular page, no matter how many “likes” you gather, it’s still not you that people are liking, it’s a well-crafted façade. And so, no matter how successful you grow there will be a void. But when we create from the heart, when we practice authenticity, we meet our true tribe. This workshop takes place 12:30-2pm in HONG KONG May 29 @pureyogaofficial and will be live streamed.

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