Journaling: My New Handstand

When I began teaching handstands people thought I was silly. My boss questioned: “Why are you so obsessed with handstands?” The answer is simple, they are freeing and powerful! Despite some discouraging words I never doubted my passion. Fast forward a decade and the bulk of the yoga community has drunk the tasty, tasty Handstand Kool-Aid. Handstand’s are awesome and we can’t get enough! Another daily practice I began in my late teens is journaling. Though out life’s crazy twists and turns my journal and handstands have always been there for me. Introducing journaling to my yoga community is interesting and exciting. I can’t help but compare it to when I introduced handstands. People seem to respect journaling more but they also seem to find it a little harder to show up for the practice. Still, I have confidence that this practice that, while not as overtly sexy as handstands, will find its audience. Why am I obsessed with journaling? Because it is powerful! I want to change the world so I need lots of power! Those who do choose to show up to write regularly will find that journaling magnifies the weight of their words and actions. This is because when we journal we enhance our mental clarity and become more intentional in all that we do. Journaling Benefits: · When something is upsetting journaling provides a safe space to express confusion, worry, frustration or anything else, without judgement and without burdening another person. · While writing you can explore why you’re upset and theorize about better ways to cope. · A journal is also a place to honor your blessing and give thanks. · You can fantasize and dream about how you see yourself in the future. · You can work on making peace with the past. · Journaling enhances clarity because it gives you a place to collect your thoughts and consider pragmatic steps you’d like to take. · Journaling also gives you the opportunity to discover and recall your life’s purpose. Pick up your “Queen of Handstand” @enlightenmentplanner and join me on the journey to clear all the clutter. Be a POWERHOUSE that generates the force of the universe!

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