300 Hr YTT Motivation

The known is a prison of the past. Tap into new potential and faster growth! In this Innovative 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training you will have the opportunity to take in a myriad of rich information from influences all over the world about anatomy, movement and spirituality and apply it to what you already believe to be true. This training is not about you teaching according to previously created standard because standards limit possibility. As wonderful as our teachers may be you were born in your own body with a unique life story and individual, inborn talents and passions. Now is the time to wake up to your magic and learn how to bring all that you are to your students. Help them access their greatness by becoming both knowledgable and wise enough to truly listen and observe. It is only when we drop our preconceptions about what “should be” that we can enliven the greatness that already exists. Join me and @christinagagnier_embodiednomad

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