Frustration vs Handstand

The main similarity in yogis who want to learn handstand but give up is that they get frustrated. Getting frustrated is tiring and it makes showing up to the mat again and again hard because you emotionally exhaust yourself. While learning to make peace with the process can be challenging it is an excellent life skill. If you can learn to go from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm growth becomes so much easier. If you practice not to taking your failures so hard you will save SOOO much energy. I fell daily for around 5 years before I became consistent in handstand. While I’ve spent my entire adult life doing my best to create new techniques to expedited the process for my students there is still an investment of time that most people need to make to hold a handstand. But come on, learning yoga poses is fun! Who cares if it’s perfect? What does perfect matter or mean anyway? The hard is what makes it good. Challenge is stimulating and it turns on our senses! It’s so cool to get to try to figure out how to create interesting shapes with our bodies! Sure some days, months or even years our practice regresses but fortunately in yoga there is no deadline! It’s all just for mental, physical and spiritual fitness and fun! So enjoy. Play with your practice. Don’t take your beautiful body and it’s capabilities for granted. And when you step off the mat and the steaks are higher, you can try and remember that getting frustrated just adds insult to injury. Give your self the space to make mistakes. This will enhance your wellbeing and mental clarity so that when you do get back up you will make smarter decisions. Make life easier for yourself; trust the process.

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