Men Still Dominate Yoga

Although the consumers are mostly female, men dominate in yoga. Men make more money and the male perspective on yoga reigns supreme. Even the leading females validate their teachings by deferring to their male teachers whose perspective they propagate. While many traditional practices are valuable they also make the students lesser and the teacher greater. That thinking is outdated. Yogis support teachers who propagate the belief that your birth in your unique body isn’t evidence enough to demonstrate that you have something uniquely powerful inside of you. They want you to believe that you were born to adhere to a standard set by a man. The community, which is mostly female, supports men who make their consumers, mostly female yogis, feel small. It reminds me of the cosmetics industry: here are all the things that are wrong with you and the only way to fix yourself is to purchase the teachings as we speak them. Being a woman, especially a younger woman whose mission is to inspire empowerment and self referral is hard. I have to prove my value over and over. I have to be 10x as eloquent and inspiring to have businesses take notice. I want things to change. As a yoga teacher I feel it is my obligation to shine a very bright light on all the reasons why my students were born in their individual bodies with their distinctive perspectives and feelings. It is my job to support the magnitude of their power. It is my responsibility to help them reconnect with who they were born to be before society stepped in and told them how they should be. I fight with every fiber of my being to foster my students unique magic. I hope one day this work is taken more seriously. Because of tradition people still prefer surrendering their innate wisdom to a man who teaches subordination. I believe the source of so much discord in this world comes from heard mentality: people not behaving sensibly because a leader they trust charms them into a destructive, isolating belief system. Yoga world I’m here asking you to get present. You can be respectful and free at the same time. Wake up to your innate brilliance. Be a source of harmony in this hugely divided world.

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