Asia Yoga Conference

Upon arrival I was gathered with the other teachers and told “You are healers from all over the world. The Hong Kong Convention Center, where you will be teaching, is located in the center of the protests. Please heal us, we are sick.” The @asiayogaconference is not your typical yoga festival any year, but especially not this year. Unlike playful festivals, AYC is where the most vigilant yogis of Asia (who I believe are the most hard-working yogis in the world) come to learn. Additionally, since half the attendees are from China the organizers of the event are less concerned about their staff’s online presence. In a world where the potency of yoga is diluted this was the place for serious practitioners. I was the youngest teacher and felt honored to be on the docket. Over the course of the weekend two of the largest protests in Hong Kong’s history took place against China while both Hong Kong and Chinese yogis practiced together side by side all day for four days. And why shouldn’t they? People are people, they are not their group’s popular opinion and they are not their government. I also had the opportunity to respectfully teach what I am called to teach, philosophy that is rebellious in the face of the conference’s more prevalent traditional offerings: question the teacher, follow your own instincts, mistakes a beautiful, we are all powerful beings. In discussions about human rights there is growing volitivity over the world. But that weekend in Hong Kong I felt passion and love. People respectfully stood up for what they believed in and left the rest in fate’s hands. Harmony is not created when we all play the same note. Harmony is when we are not the same but we chose to vibe together. 📸 @keepiris . wardrobe: @corenationactive

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