Shifting Rhythms

Coming home from my 4-9 week tours is always an interesting experience. For weeks straight I go from one country to the next where although I am the guest of honor, I have to work hard to deliver the best yoga related information to the community that I can in the time that I have with them. Outside of class many people want to spend time with me and I want to spend time with them, so I am social almost every hour of the day. It’s fun but it's intense! And it’s not just friends having dinner, its friends celebrating their reunion and catching up on all that we have missed in each other’s lives for the past 6-12 months. Because most of my employers are friends of mine I go to the same countries over and over to teach, somettimes multiple times a year. I lived in Singapore so when I go back there it’s just like wow! LA gets nuts cuz some of my best friends are there and I lived there for 10 years. New York can be intense because family is there and it's where I grew up. All those places are pretty full on, but Singapore the most full on cuz its Asia, my friends there are so awesome and I work A LOT. Then I get back to Denver and I get lots of cuddles from my hubby and kitty. It’s heaven! When hubby goes to the office I don't have anything to do but work on my computer. Life is very simple in Denver. I have a handful of friends and a yoga studio I attend and teach at 1-2 hrs a week tops. The first few days I'm home I may find myself missing being needed and having so many playmates every hour of the day. But I think that feeling is normal. It doesn't last long. It just takes a few days for me to relax and shift rhythms. I can feel that Denver is good for me. It’s healthy to ground, very healthy… it’s just not as high energy fun! But it is lovely.

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