"Perfect Alignment"

The more I teach the more absurd the emphasis on “perfect alignment” is. There are two main issues in the yoga world that have blocked our evolution and consequently our being present. The first is the culture’s reverence for an idealized past. The second is the binary thinking different schools of thought in yoga perpetuate. Teachers at schools such as Iyengar, Anusara, Bikram and just about every other branded school, tend to insist on one size fits all practices: Crescent Moon is this shape with this alignment. My question is why? Why does a pose just have to be one thing? Who decided what the “perfect” shape is anyway and how do we know that those ideas are still relevant? When we meet our students with an idea of how things are supposed to be, we end up only listening only to see where the information they provide aligns and misaligns with our expectations. But when we drop our need to categorize and analyze we get invited to the inner workings of our students’ bodies and worlds that are organized by completely individualized standards. From this liberated place you can tap into far, far greater potential for asana development, personal empowerment and universal harmony. The key to taking your teaching to the next level is to watch and listen to each student as though they will present you with information that you’ve never heard before because they will. The more available you are to the truth the better you can tap into your students’ fullest potential. This work is scary for some teachers because it leaves us vulnerable. Standing in the questions, rather than rushing to the answers places the teacher in limbo for a moment. While that limbo may be scary it is also the most creative space. It is only in that space of not knowing that we are available to the magical “X factor” which will catapult you and your students to the next level. Join me Sept 6-8 for a 20 hour Innovative Alignment Course @pureyogaofficial in Singapore to learn how to see and bring out another level of beauty and power in your students.

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