change your wardrobe,

change the world

In nature, sometimes there is a smaller stream that is deeper and stronger than the above river and over time the little stream changes the flow direction of the entire river! My petite self aspires to be that stream. And this is the definition @pirate.flo , my newest sponsor!


Since the start of my commercial teaching career I was conflicted about the huge role fast fashion plays in the yoga industry. I loved playing with clothing but the apparel industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet. Textile mills generate one-fifth of the world's industrial water pollution and use 20,000 chemicals, many of them carcinogenic, to make clothes. 


Over the years I’ve sat with my conflicting feelings. Finally, about a two years ago I realized that I no longer love picking out a new outfit for every single event and video. Since my brand is reliant on the quality of my teaching more than imagery I stopped updating my wardrobe. I stopped shopping. After more time I discovered what I felt best wearing: a crop top with capris leggings! So, I began to wear that daily (whether I was doing yoga or not😂). I decided I could dress like Steve Jobs but yoga style! 


As my clothing became worn rather than go back to massive fast fashion manufacturers, I decided to find someone to help create my perfect outfit who was rooted in similar ethos to myself. 


Effie, founder of @Pirate.flo , had been gifting me clothing over the years and I was charmed by her humility as a human, sincerity as a yogi and the quality of her natural fabrics. She was the one! We played with cuts and colors and created 2 outfits that I LOVE and I plan on wearing it nonstop! If you like my style you should join me! Or rock your own signature style to minimize consumption while feeling fabulous. 


As Earthlings we can do more to support our Great Mother.

To Effie the little stream represents women.

What does it represent to you? 

My capsule collection with @pirateflo is titled WINGS

and my wish is for you is to know that You Can Take Flight! 


with each intentional choice you make.