Marysia Do Magic App

MARYSIA DO MAGIC is the culmination of my life’s work!  From my background making student films at USC, to my years in Traditional Chinese Medical School and most of all my passion for showing people that your body as is, is perfectly aligned with your dreams, be it a handstand or anything else! It’s just a matter of relaxing and trusting in the process. 
And as often as we can, I want to make that process more fun for you! 
With MARYSIA DO MAGIC APP self-development is a celebration! 

I am honored to have this amazing tool to better share yoga with you, my amazing community of gorgeous, inspired and generous souls. 

APP Includes:


YOGA VIDEO ENCYCLOPEDIA where you get instant access to extraordinarily well-rounded explanations of postures.


YOGA CLASSES include all my best digital classes made to fit your schedule ranging from 10-60+ minutes.


JOURNEY TO HANDSTAND is a customized for you body series to make Handstand more accessible than ever!


DAILY MAGIC offers uplifting quotes from my heart, so when you purchase the app be sure to turn the notifications on!


JOURNALING EXERCISES which I have created to help you go into greater freedom and authenticity.


MEDITATION from my guide @entranced_awakening 


BREATH WORK and YIN from the sublet and poweful @megs_sunnysideup 


PRE and POST NATAL from the wise and talented @alyssa.manny and @montanoam 


BOOTY for 🍑 w @_bodybykeri_