Marysia’s greatest teachers are her students. She feels that her responsibility is to magnify and balance each student’s unique talents. Although we cannot always control what we are given, we can choose how we cope. By carefully observing students as individuals (even in group classes) Marysia customises the practice specifically for each person. Marysia firmly believes in her students and their ability to achieve their goals both on and off the yoga mat. The key is in understanding a person’s limitations and strengths and learning how to appropriately leverage those abilities to maximise their potential. Marysia teaches students how to exercise productive thinking with the same diligence that they exercise their bodies.

In addition to asana advancement Marysia focuses on injury rehabilitation and prevention. Marysia believes that it is not what we do, but the energy we bring to what we do that creates the experience. As a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist who has treated a number of yoga-related injuries, she is meticulous when it comes to alignment. Postures do not cause injury, inefficient technique does.  

Marysia’s classes, whilst pragmatic and grounding, are uplifting and energising. With a strong foundation and a lot of core work, students gain access to postures they’ve dreamed of, but may never have thought possible. 


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