marysia do

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Though she is playfully known as, “The Queen of Handstand,” Marysia Do has also cultivated a global reputation as the encyclopedic teacher of teachers. Marysia began yoga as a teenager quite randomly in 2001 with a Rodney Yee DVD she found at a CD store where she grew up on Long Island in New York. While receiving her college degree from the University of Southern California, she began traveling and teaching yoga with her mentors of 8 years, Brock and Krista Cahill.

After college, Marysia earned her Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Yo San University. Her background in Chinese Medicine heavily influences her teaching style; in that it is uniquely adaptable for practitioners of various body types and lifestyles. Upon completing her formal education, she moved to Singapore and worked for Pure Yoga where she received her most intense training yet. 

At her peak, Marysia was teaching 14 classes of 30-50 students and 12 private lessons a week. Before social media was very popular, by word of mouth Marysia’s reputation for being an amazingly effective, abundantly playful and powerfully sincere teacher spread. Nearly every other week she was called to teach in studios all over Asia, Australia and in the Middle East.

Spending years traveling and teaching to people for whom English is a second language and unifying classrooms full of students of varied capabilities was an exciting challenge for Marysia. It made her a supremely inclusive and effective communicator. Her ability to make everyone feel that they belong as they aspire towards more is exceptional. While many believe her ability to get people of various levels into their dream postures is magical, her true magic lies in her passionate love for every student and the endless energy she has to give of herself in service to every one of them.  

At the start of 2020, she was approached by BreakthoughApps to create what is now a highly successful yoga app: Marysia Do Magic. The breadth and depth of her soul is fully expressed in the app. The most common feedback about the app is, “it’s like she’s right there with me.” With that app, Marysia demonstrates her amazing ability to transcend time and space to support her students. 

In addition to teaching beginner to advanced asana, for which Marysia is best known, Marysia also revels in her skills as a meditation, yin and therapeutics teacher as well as a journaling facilitator. The various experiences Marysia offers includes mentorships, workshops, yoga teacher trainings and retreats.

Live or digitally, when working with Marysia you will learn the nuances of your body, and how you use your thoughts to expand your capabilities! Marysia firmly believes that your body is perfectly aligned with your goals; it’s simply a matter of creating new pathways for you to tap into those potentials with greater grace and ease.